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Interview with Nikolai Østgaard on Norwegian radio
14 Desember 2010
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Nikolai Østgaard has given an interview about the ASIM-project that was broadcasted on Norwegian radio. The interview is in two parts and given in the links below.

[Part 1] (norwegian)
[Part 2] (norwegian)

ASIM contract signed
18 October 2010
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The contract for the ASIM project is now signed and Nikolai Østgaard has given interviews about the project to several norwegian media.

Bergens tidende (norwegian) (norwegian)

Report from students on ESA summer school in the Austrian Alps
18 October 2010
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Two of the students attended ESA summer school in Alpbach, Austria in July. They gave a report from the visit to the Norwegian Space Center.

Norwegian Space center (norwegian)

World leading on gamma ray flashes
29 March 2010
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Interview with master student Ragnhild S. Hansen, in Teknisk ukeblad, about the Bergen group's research on terrestrial gamma ray flashes. The space science group in Bergen was recently characterized as "excellent" and "world leading" in a national evaluation of physics research in Norway.

Teknisk ukeblad (norwegian)

Space physics group graded "excellent"
26 February 2010
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The space physics group in Bergen received the highest grade, "excellent", in a recent national evaluation of physics research in Norway.

På høyden (norwegian)
Interview with Nikolai Østgaard, Bergens Tidende (norwegian)

Thomas Gjesteland paper highlighted in Nature
6 February 2010
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A paper on lightning and Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes (TGF), by a Stanford group, in collaboration with Thomas Gjesteland, in Geophysicsl Research Letters, is highlighted in Nature.

Research highlights
Full article (subscription required)

Nature paper on asymmetric auroras
27 July 2009
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A paper in Nature, by K. M. Laundal and N. Østgaard (link) has received much attention. Some examples:

Universe today
Science News
ABC Science (Norwegian) (Norwegian) (Norwegian)
Nrk (Norwegian)
Bergens Tidende (Norwegian)
Polaråret (Norwegian)
Europa press (Spanish)
National Geoscience Database of Iran
Urkutatas (Hungarian)
Tiempos de la internet (Spanish)
Tiempos del mundo (Spanish)

Student rocket NISSE launched
20 March 2009
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Student rocket NISSE, developed by Vidar Hølland and fellow students was launched on 12 March:

ESA News
Norwegian Space Centre (article in Norwegian)
Final countdown blog

Strange electric world above the clouds
20 March 2009
Subm. by:KML

Thomas Gjesteland has been interviewed about sprites, and terrestrial gamma ray flashes:

Nasjonal digital læringsarena (Norwegian)
Schrödingers Katt, NRK (skip to 15 min 05 sec)

Yngve in Bygdanytt
8 January 2009
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Yngve was interviewed in Bygdanytt about SIR-2.

Page 1 (Norwegian): [pdf]
Page 2 (Norwegian): [pdf]

Striking Cluster findings
3 November 2008
Subm. by:KML

The plasma density in the lobes is lower than previously believed.

Norsk romsenter (Norwegian)

SIR-2 on its way to the moon
October 2008
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The Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan, with SIR-2 onboard, was launched on 22 October. Here are two interviews with Yngve:

18 October: (Norwegian)
20 October: (Norwegian)

The debate continues...
October/November 2008
Subm. by:KML

Several articles and reader's letters have been published in response to the debate at the journalist conference at Soria Moria 10 September. Here are some of them:

24 October: Jonas Lange in (Norwegian)
20 October: Kaare Aksnes in Dagbladet (Norwegian)
VG Nett 8 Oct 2008 (Norwegian)
Universitas 8 Oct 2008 (Norwegian)
Nikolai Østgaard in Bergens Tidende (Norwegian)

Article about sprites and TGF
1 October 2008
Subm. by:KML

Article about sprites, TGF, and ASIM in På Høyden: (Norwegian)

Debate after the journalist conference
24 September 2008
Subm. by:KML

Bergens Tidende journalist Lars Holger Ursin discusses some of the topics from the panel debate at the journalist conference 10 September: (Norwegian)

Journalist conference
September 2008
Subm. by:KML

Following the journalist conference 10 September two articles have been published: (Norwegian) (Norwegian)

Radio interview with Kjartan Olafsson
Mar 14. 2008
Subm. by:KML

Kjartan Olafsson was interviewed on NRK Hordaland, Monday 10 March, about the space suitcase.

After one year of operation, the EISCAT IPY campaign is over
Mar 14. 2008
Subm. by:KML

Article in Svalbardposten about the first year of the IPY


Master student Vidar's project is chosen to fly on a sounding rocket
Mar 14. 2008
Subm. by:MS

The Norwegian Ionospheric Sounding rocket Seeding Experimen (NISSE) project

Space suitcase, a part of the Polar Year 2007/2008
Mar 14. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Space suitcase introduced to a minister, an austronaut and natural sciences teachers
Mar 14. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Kjartan introduces the space suitcase to the minister of higher education and research, Tora AAsland, astronaut Christer Fuglesang and a bunch of teacher

Continuous EISCAT measurements reveal temperature trends in the upper atmosphere
Feb 15. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Almost one year of EISCAT radar measurements indicate that the temperature in the upper atmosphere is lower than the atmospheric models predict

Nikolai and Kalle in
Feb 14. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Nikolai and Kalle talks about IPY-ICESTAR

Space suitcase
Feb 13. 2008
Subm. by:MS

More about the suitcase

Space science suitcase handed over to physics class
Feb 5. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Space science suitcase is handed over to physics class at Longyearbyen school

Jan 29. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Article about Bergen's contribution to Indian project Chandrayaan-1

Space science suitcase
Jan 21. 2008
Subm. by:MS

Nikolai and Kjartan talks about the space science suitcase

Kjell Brønstad interviewed in BT-magasinet
Nov. 3, 2007
Subm. by:MS

Kjell Brønstad was interviewed in local magazine BT-magasinet about Sputnik and Laika.

Cluster research news
Oct 25.,2007
Subm. by:MS

Stein Haaland with new great discoveries about the convection cells:
and in
Yahoo news
Original article at ESA's news page:

Article about SIR-2 project in newspaper
Sep 28.,2007
Subm. by:MS

Interview can be found here:

Nikolai Østgaard interviewed about being an editor for Geophysical Research Letters.
May 2.,2007
Subm. by:MS

Interview can be found here:

Space Physics group leader Nikolai Østgaard interviewed about International Heliophysical year
Mar 26.,2007
Subm. by:MS

Interview can be found here:

Kjetil Ullaland in Fanaposten
Jan 16.,2007
Subm. by:MS

Interview can be found here:

Space physics group and Electronics and Measurement Science group developing electronics for the SIR-2 experiment aimed for the Moon is covered on national tv
Jan 11.,2007
Subm. by:MS

The video can be found under 'Schrodingers katt' from january 11 on web-tv:

Next stop: The Moon
Jan 10.,2007
Subm. by:MS

Space physics group and Electronics and Measurement Science group develop electronics for Indian spacecraft aimed to orbit the Moon.

Article in national research web-site
Nov 15.,2006
Subm. by:MS

More about elves and jets:

Article in Aftenposten
Nov 13.,2006
Subm. by:MS

More about the ASIM project:

Article in university paper 'På høyden'
Nov 2., 2006
Subm. by: MS

About elves, jets and the ASIM project that the Space Physics group is involved in:

Editors highlight in GRL
Jan 17, 2006
Subm. by: Nikolai

The paper 'Simultaneous interplanetary magnetic field reconnection aurorae in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere' by Ostgaard, Mende, Frey and Sigwarth was highlighted in GRL Nov 9, 2005

Dec 1, 2005
Subm. by: MS

News story on Norwaylive - WebTV

Slik skjer nordlys - Nettavisen/TV2
Nov 28, 2005
Subm. by: MS

Article in Nettavisen

Unike bilder av nordlys - oppslag i VG
Nov 25, 2005
Subm. by: MS

Article in national news paper - VG

Nordlys slik du aldri har sett før - oppslag i BT
Nov 25, 2005
Subm. by: MS

Article in local paper, Bergens Tidende

More on discoveries
Nov 16, 2005
Subm. by: Nikolai

Press release by the Norwegian Space Center

Discoveries by the IMAGE mission
Nov 11, 2005
Subm. by:

Conjugate imaging by Polar and IMAGE has lead to new discoveries of the degree of conjugacy of different auroral phenomena. Article is in Norwegian, but links to english webpages can be found at the bottom

Three years with the INTEGRAL mission
Nov 11, 2005
Subm. by: Nikolai

Observing the cosmos, full of violent phenomena and extreme energy, has
been the task of ESAs Integral gamma-ray observatory since its launch on
17 October 2002. Three years later, the mission is going very well and has
recorded a wealth of important discoveries.
Part of the IBIS instrument was built at UoB

ASIM on ESAs webpages
Nov 11, 2005
Subm. by: Nikolai

ASIM, a project to study sprites and terrestrial gamma flashes (TGF) from the Intenational Space Station has been posted on ESA. Our group is part of the consortium to biuld the MXGS sensor to detect the TGFs

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