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International Heliospheric Year (IHY) African Regional School

Through the IHY program, with support from UN, it has be organized 5 regional schools focused on Space Science around the world during 2007 and 2008.
  • India
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Africa
  • North-Amerika (summer school)

Responsible for these schools have been Dr. Nat Gopalswamy from Goddard Space Flight Center and Dr. David Webb from Boston College/Hanscom Resaerch Center.

More information can be found:

The last regional school was held in Afrika in Enugu, Nigeria 10-22 November 2008:
38 studenter from 14 different African countries attended the school.

The local commitee was lead aby Babatunde Rabiu, Centre for Basic Space Science. National Space Reasearch and Development Agency, University of Nsukka, Nsukka, Nigeria

Professor Nikolai Østgaard, who is national representative for IHY and leader of the Norwegian IPY-ICESTAR project was one of 14 lecturers at this school and gave a 4-hour lecture about "Earth's currents and Energy System", (The program is listed below).

Recently the African Geospace Society have been established. This is a union similar to AGU, EGU og AOGS (Asian Oceania Geoscience Society). With the establishment of this Society they want to develop Space Science activity on te African continent. The first leader of AGS is Dr. Okeke fra Nigeria, who was also a teacher at the school.

Nigeria has its own Space Agency, National Space Reasearch and Development Agency (NSRDA) with 7 research centers. NSRDA has launched 2 Nigerian satellites, one for Earth observations and one communicasjon satellite. At the moment they buy the satellites but has ambitions to design and build subsystems for satellites themselves.

Centre for Basic Space Science, University of Nsukka is one of the 7 research centers with both Master and PhD programs. Main activity is directed towards ionsopheric studies and especially how geomagnetic activity disturb the equatorial ionosphere and radio wave propagation etc. They are also involved in astronomy and understanding of star formation as well as our own Sun.

As the Universitetet of Bergen is involved in research about electric discharges above thundercloud systems known as sprites, blue jets and elves as well as "terrestrial gamma flashes" (TGF) Prof. Østgaard also gave a brief introduction about these exsotic phenomena. The African audience found this very interesting. Further collaboration regarding airplane or balloon campaigns in Africa was briefly discussed.

10TH -22ND NOVEMBER 2008

  • ADIMULA, I. A. PhD,. Programming Techniques using MATLAB
  • AMORY-MAZAUDIER, Christine Prof., Electric current systems in the Earths' Environment
  • BALOGUN, E. E. Prof., Satellite Meteorology
  • BURGER, Adri Prof., : Solar wind ; Heliospheric magnetic Field ; Heliospheric turbulence
  • CHUKWUMA, Victor Uzodinma PhD: Planetary ionospheres
  • DAMTIE, Baylie PhD,: Advanced numerical methods in space physics
  • GOPALSWAMY, Nat Prof.,: Sun in the Universe ; Solar interior and atmosphere ; Solar eruptions (CMES and flares)
  • GOVENDER, Kevin . : Space science popularization techniques
  • KOLAWOLE, L. B. Prof.,: Planetary atmospheres
  • MANOHARAN, P. K. Prof.,: Solar activity and heliospheric consequences ; Radio emission processes
  • OBROU, Olivier K Dr.,: Ionospheric Scintillations and equatorial ionospheric anomaly
  • OKEKE, F. N. Prof.,: Dynamo processes
  • OKEKE, P. N. Prof.,: Energetic particles in the heliosphere
  • ØSTGAARD, Nikolai Prof.,: Earth's Currents and Energy System
  • POTGIETER Marius S. Prof.: The dynamic heliosphere and space climate ; The heliosphere and galactic cosmic rays ; Heliospheric particles and anomalous cosmic rays
  • RABIU, A. Babatunde.,: Planetary magnetospheres
  • SEGHOUANI, Nassim Dr.,: Signal and Image Processing
  • WEBB, David F.,
  • YUMOTO, Kiyohumi Prof. Dr : Geomagnetism and Its Relationship with the Sun; Seismo-Electromagnetics; Space weather

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